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  • Thorough converts

    American Protestant universities are currently faced with the challenge of defining an approach to culture that fears neither questions nor answers. In this sense, what does an effective institution look like?

  • The naming

    *cino?s (and my own) identity crisis in the public profession of theology.

  • Grace in naming

    The story of the infertile wife, the virile husband and the lovely immigrant cleaning woman.

  • Top Ten re: names

    What ever is the struggling Christian blues musician to name himself?

  • Second baptism

    A solitary journey into the woods leads to transformation.

  • Lifting the paradigm

    A daughter considers the legacy of her name in light of an encounter.

  • God helps

    A visual and narrative reflection on God the Guide.

  • High-risk pregnancy

    Christmas comes in July for Benita Gonzalez and the on-call chaplain.

  • Scott

    An uneasy legacy tied together with the thread of a shared name.

  • Im - ag - i - na - tion

    Living with faithful imagination.

  • The work of hands

    Considering created things and the names of those who made them.

  • Words, language and the naming of things

    A journey toward heresy and community.

  • Found in translation

    Wrestling with a complicated ethno religious legacy.

  • The stone

    A monologue about the search for identity and belonging.