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Items tagged myth

  • On becoming a Diva for Jesus

    Some words about conscious personal care for women, with a warning to those who faint at the thought of seeing The Vagina Monologues.

  • High on security

    A call to acknowledge suffering even as we celebrate good gifts.

  • Reality and hope

    A pastor presents a message of Advent hope to a small congregation in the middle of uncertainty.

  • Holy rest

    Dispelling the myth of a works-based salvation.

  • The King is dead; long live the King

    Acknowledging the fairy tale running under and through our daily lives.

  • Which good life?

    Following the trail of a neighbors death into the dense thicket of defining a life well-lived.

  • The language of imagination

    Examining the double-edged sword of imagination.

  • Progress defamed

    On art’s capacity to illuminate the stories we tell about ourselves and the myths of progress.