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Items tagged intimacy

  • The intimacy of Vespertine

    Bjork's unique album is ideal for winter atmosphere when closeness and introspection are essential.

  • Lessons in relationship

    Understanding the nature of a healthy marriage relationship can lead us to a deeper understanding of what God wants from us in our relationship with Him.

  • Finding the right one

    What does it mean to "guard our hearts" in the context of dating?

  • "Living in sin"

    A pastor's letter to two beloved members of his congregation who are engaged and living together.

  • Thoughts on chastity

    Advice abounds on sex before marriage—why can't we just listen to Mother and Father?

  • Seeking godly sexuality

    *cino survey reveals a broad range of ideas and models for how we can honor God with our bodies.

  • Dear N.

    A written discussion about social intimacy.

  • Open arms

    Thoughts on the process of learning to touch and be touched.

  • Closeness and incarnation

    An interactive reflection on families, intimacy and the transforming power of Christ’s birth.

  • When changing your mind goes public

    An interview with Bethany Torode about her seven-year journey since publicly advocating for Natural Family Planning at nineteen years old.

  • I love you, (well-adjusted) man

    A review of John Hamburg's new bromantic comedy, I Love You, Man.

  • When Mom moved in

    An account of the joys and struggles embedded in 16 years of multi-generational living.

  • Body parts

    Reclaiming rituals for whole personhood.