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catapult magazine

Vol 4, Num 16 :: 2005.09.09 — 2005.09.22


A room in God?s house

Finding space to create within the Church?s embrace

The artists-in-residence at Olivet Covenant Presbyterian Church in downtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania comprise a small, eccumenical group of artists who work side by side, share ideas, engage in honest criticism, and discuss current issues in the arts, while encouraging the creative process in a deliberate effort to connect the artistic endeavor with Christian discipleship. Residing in 2000 sq. ft. of studio space on the top-most floor of the church, in long-empty Sunday School classrooms, the artists seek to form a mutually beneficial and sustaining community, with the goal of artistic excellence and cultural redemption, in obedience to a common calling to follow Jesus Christ. While remaining visually, conceptually, politically and denominationally diverse, the artists in residence are unified in ?being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and in purpose. (Phillipians 2:2)??

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