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catapult magazine

Vol 4, Num 16 :: 2005.09.09 — 2005.09.22


A room in God?s house

Finding space to create within the Church?s embrace

Being at the studios at Olivet is like being in art school again.
- Mark Dixon

I am amazed to see a studio full of Christian men and women worshipping Jesus with their labor and skill. I shouldn’t be surprised that God can bring together such a dynamic group of artist sinners to be affective in his Great Work, He has always been in the business of changing and growing communities in obscure ways. Being a part of the studios has been a catalyst of belief for me as I begin to understand that God loves and works through the creative everywhere, and that we are less of a minority than I previously thought. Thanks be to God. This is a beautiful thing.

- Matthew Smith

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