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catapult magazine

Vol 4, Num 16 :: 2005.09.09 — 2005.09.22


A room in God?s house

Finding space to create within the Church?s embrace

?The Church Studios are able to offer art students from many Philadelphia campuses a place to congregate with working artists, and the Church artists are forming ties in other ways to the Philadelphia art community.?

- Philadelphia Art Writers

?Its not every day that a church opens its doors to artists by allowing them valuable studio space on its made-to-order premises, but that’s exactly what Olivet Covenant Presbyterian Church has done.?

- Art Museum Area Home News

?Essentially, the Church artists are struggling as every young artist does: to be innovative, to stay motivated, and to create. What is perhaps different is that the artists get to work in an environment where their studio neighbors share their world view, and it’s a view that prioritizes supportiveness and loving attitudes.?

- The Spirit of Fairmount, community newspaper

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