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catapult magazine

Vol 1, Num 6 :: 2002.11.22 — 2002.12.05


A picture of thanks

You are barely breathing.

The impact of beauty is like a fist to your gut and you are unavoidably still, waiting for time to resume, swallowing the fear that you will forget.

Careful not to distract, you raise your arms, you focus, you prepare to destroy the moment you wish to keep forever.

With a gasp, the light flashes.

Your hands descend, your world expands, and begins, once again, to feel, sound, taste and smell.

But what you saw remains, a still icon of thanks.

by Kirstin Vander Giessen-Reitsma

A photograph captures an image, moment, we wish to remember forever. In this feature, view what several contributing photographers have shown gratitude for by creating permanent visual remembrances.

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