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The Two Towers


Dec 24 2002
06:56 am

Excellent! I just love this film. Even though you lose so much of the depth of the book it still captures the great story and the struggles each character goes through.
I especially like the the struggles of Faramir, Golum and Frodo. Doing the right thing for each of them has cosmic consequences. I tend to think that my obsessions, temptations and sins are insignificant in the grand scheme of things. It helps me realize that my own struggles to do the right thing do have significant impact. Doing the right thing always matters though we may convince ourselves it doesn’t.
Well that’s one little insight I picked up I was hoping to hear more from some of you.


May 15 2003
06:39 pm

I responded to Gollum in the movie the same way I responded to him in the books. Annoyance is a good descriptive of the feeling…add sympathy, disgust, and fear too. Jackson did Gollum well.

I’m curious to know if anyone else has thought about Wormtongue (Grima), Saruman, King Theoden…Wormtongue’s poisonous hold on the king…
did it make anyone think of C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters and “Wormwood” the junior tempter? His uncle, the professional devil, Screwtape? Saruman and Wormtongue reminded me of Screwtape and Wormwood.

I guess knowing that Tolkien and Lewis were contemporaries (The Inklings) made me wonder if there was inspiration there from one to the other with these characters.


Sep 04 2003
09:57 am

For all who are interested:

Fellowship Of The Ring has an additional 2 reels of footage (about 45 minutes) and is the same as the extended DVD. It will release first and run for about 2 weeks (if the plan that hear from NewLine is correct)

The Two Towers also has an additional 2 reels and adds about 45 – 50 minutes of footage. I have seen the new extended feature and felt it delivered better than the original theatrical release. This will also be identical to the DVD extended version and will run for 2 weeks after the FOTR.

Return Of The King is supposed to be the gem of the trilogy scriptwise. According to my contacts the actual contract for the films was sold on the basis of the ROTK script. It is supposed to be that good. (I haven’t seen it yet). It is supposed to run over 3 hours (closer to 4) and will not have an extended version due to the fact that it is being released in its entirety. ROTK is due to release 2 weeks after The Two Towers.

Expect to see a trailer in theaters starting this week for ROTK. I believe they are shipping today for the weekend release.


Dec 08 2003
09:43 pm

Most showings are sold out…but if you are near a large city you might be able to spend most of the 16th in a theater watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy back to back. Running time will be about 12 hours long.

On more thing I found today…Peter Jackson and The Hobbit?